Fresh Made Art!

Flatbread sandwiches have gained wide popularity over the last few years.  Many of the national sandwich chains have a flatbread offering but nothing comes close to the Wedgie sandwich that founder, Rob Kramer, brought to the sandhills of North Carolina 18 years ago.  After searching out only the finest of bakery fresh pizza dough and combining quality meats, cheeses and produce, Rob had his masterpiece.  Now, he only needed a name.  With the “wedge” shape created after the pizza crust is cut along with the sandwich being sold in the Golf Capitol of the World, the name “Wedgie” seemed like a natural.  Come taste the sandwich that inspired our slogan “bite me, you’ll love me”.


 fresh + local = excellent food

Eating locally can be beneficial to both the environment and your health, and in putting your dollars into supporting the local restaurants and farmers directly, we can create a healthy economy for our communities.

What you eat – and how you eat it – can change the world.

Do it Deliciously!

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The Evolution of the Wedge 


Be sure to try Grandma Gay's old fashioned homemade cookie's.

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